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Wallpaperio PSP Maker 3.0

With this program you can create wallpapers for your PSP
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Red Kawa

Wallpaperio PSP Maker is perfect for creating wallpapers for your PSP from photographs and other images like drawings or clip-arts. Easy to download, the program presents a Windows style interface that is simple to navigate, it displays a viewer for the images you upload with the options menu underneath for editing purposes. The most popular image formats, including .jpg, .gif, and .png, are supported by the program. After launching the program and simply clicking on the link "Make Wallpaper" will prompt the program to display the Wallpaper Maker window where you can upload the images you wish to resize and edit to fit your PSP.

Several options in the editing menu, including aspect ratio, stretch to fit, etc. are available to simplify the editing task for you and your image is displayed throughout the editing process. Whether you are stretching an image or cropping it, at the end of the editing session you can view the finished work in the Wallpaper Preview window, before you export it to your PSP.

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